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LIVE FROM TENT CITY: This film puts a face on homelessness like you've never seen before - from inside "tent city" Sacramento. "Raw, intense, straight to the heart!" -2009


FLYING PUMPKINS: Meet the everyday people from all walks of life who share a passion for siege machines - so they can throw pumpkins! "Too much fun, Wild. Siege the day!" -2007


TIME OF TEARS (Dramatic Feature) - The touching story of family, friendship and loss - Italian-American style. A low budget feature made for $50,000 and distributed by New World Pictures. 1987. 90 minutes.

LAUGHING STOCK (Experimental short) - Behind the scenes look at the transformation of a cow into a prime rib. Yummm! Best Experimental Film, Yale Film Festival 1975. 17 minutes.

READING 1974: PORTRAIT OF A CITY (Documentary Feature) - The moving portrait of Reading, Pennsylvania - once "the gateway to the coal region" - in all its varied places and faces. "One of the year's ten best" by Film Comment Magazine 1975. 55 minutes.

Making movies since 1971, Costa's credits include PIRANHA, LADY IN RED, AIRPLANE, HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE, THE CLAIRVOYANT, THE MURDER OF MARY PHAGAN (Emmy for Best mini-series 1987-88), G-STRING DIVAS and hundreds of commercials, educationals, music videos, industrials, experimentals, shorts, etc.


The touching story of a tiny group of homeless people who stand up and fight for their right to a safe place to sleep - safe ground. 2013.

SWEET TALK (Music Video)
Filmed on the Hudson in Battery Park, this is the Manhattan's hit song from 1989.

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